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Best Closed-Back Hedphones 2020

best closed back headphones

You tried on-ear, in-ear headphones? You should definitely give closed-back headphones a shot.

Finding quality and long-lasting headphones can often be a matter of luck, so we tested the closed-back headphones on the market for you to avoid leaving your choice to chance.

Best Closed-Back Headphones

1.Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

  • Class-leading noise cancellation
  • Comfortable structure
  • Light and comfortable
  • Great sound quality
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Price
  • No aptX

When it comes to sound, Bose, famous for its quality products, has been working on devices that contain noise-canceling for more than 10 years. Of course, Bose, which shines its experience in this field by being one of the pioneers in headphones, has been removing the rust of our ears for a while with its QuietComfort 35 II headphone.

QuietComfort 35 II is a wireless headphone. The headphone, which we found very comfortable for a long time, was produced with quality craft. Even though the earphone surround is not a metallic surface, it looks beautiful with plastic material, and most importantly, it provides comfort during long use by being lighter than many of its competitors. The weight of the headset is 234 grams.

The headphone contents include a carrying case, charging cable, and a 3.5 mm cable for those who want to listen to cable music. When we look at the ear cups, we see the Bluetooth switch on the right. You can open this switch and pair it with your phone quickly. Of course, the headset also has an application; we will talk about that shortly.

On the same earcup, there is a micro-USB slot to charge the device, on the other side of it, there is a button in between with the volume up and down buttons.

With a single click on this button in the middle, you can answer calls to your phone, start and stop songs. If you double-press the same button, you can switch to the next song, if you press it 3 times, you can switch to the previous song. If you hold down this key, it is possible to access voice control.

When we look at the other earpiece, we see that there is a button called Action Button. This button is located here to control the noise-canceling feature and reach Alexa with Google Assistant. Next to it is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Yes, while these are around the earpieces, we find comfortable ear cushions on the inner surface. In the meantime, let’s say that the headphones provide comfortable use for long periods of time by not tightening your head too much and with comfortable ear cushions.

The QuietComfort 35 II is a noise-cancelling headphone that performs this function extremely well. This feature, which we tried not only while walking through the crowded streets but also on our plane trips, works perfectly during our time with us.

If you wish, you can set the headphones’ noise-cancelling level as high and low, or you can turn it off completely.

Headphones are very good at sound performance. The sound it offers is clean, the bass is felt but not overwhelming, and the treble’s balance again does not rise to the level of buzz. In these ways, it was a very enjoyable headphone.

Let’s talk about the battery life of the device. QuietComfort 35 II can provide up to 20 hours of continuous use.

The headphone, which can be charged to full capacity in approximately 2.5 hours, provides 2.5 hours of use with 15 minutes of fast charging.

Finally, let’s also mention that QuietComfort 35 II has an application called Bose Connect. By downloading this application to your mobile device, you can control the headphone and make many adjustments from here.

You can also access Google Assistant and Alexa settings through this application. So you can connect to your virtual assistants when you press the action button.

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2.Marshall Monitor II

Marshall Monitor II ANC

  • Unsurprisingly rich sound
  • Highly effective and adjustable noise cancellation
  • Setup requires mobile app

Marshall may be best known for its iconic guitar amplifiers. Still, it’s also a growing name in the headphone world – especially for those who don’t want to compromise on modern conveniences like wireless connectivity and noise cancellation for a retro-cool look.

The Marshall Monitor II, the brand’s newest noise-cancelling headphones, bring these worlds together in a clean on-ear package with an update of their first wireless headphones released in 2017.

The new on-ear headphones are very similar to the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth, with oval-shaped headphones and a leather-like finish that goes back to Marshall’s famous guitar amplifiers.

Like Marshall’s previous headphones, Monitor II ANCs are designed for those who want to wear the brand with pride, with the Marshall logo embossed on the outer casing of each ear cup with white lettering.

On the right earbud, you’ll find a gold control button that allows you to play, pause, shuffle and adjust the sound of your music, as well as turn the Major III Volume on and off.

This multi-function button can also be used to answer, reject, and end calls. We love how this little gold accent contrasts with the utilitarian leather-look housings and open helix cords, adding rock n roll elegance to the headphones.

Just above that is the lets M ‘button that lets you toggle between equalizer presets (more on these) or invoke the Google Assistant on your device.

An ‘ANC’ button on the left earbud allows you to toggle between normal active noise cancellation, ‘Monitoring Mode’, and total power off. At the bottom of this headphone is a 3.5mm audio port if you want to listen with the included spiral cable and a USB-C charging port.

Marshall Monitor II ANC is fully foldable; it has a super flexible headband that can withstand a little bending if you want to pack them. It comes with a denim carrying bag; It doesn’t protect a tough case, but it does protect your tin boxes from scratches and looks very cool.

We found the Marshall Monitor II ANCs to be really comfortable thanks to their soft ear cups and well-padded headband; They’re not too heavy and don’t squeeze too tightly around your ears like some of Marshall’s on-ear headphones.

Turn this off even with noise cancellation turned on – Marshall says you’ll get 45 hours of wireless playback.

15 minutes of charging is enough for five hours of playtime; it will take about two hours to charge the battery at full power.

Pairing the headphones with our smartphone is hassle-free, thanks to their Bluetooth 5.0 support. We didn’t experience any annoying drops, but we struggled to connect to our laptop in a very high traffic area – this is not an issue specific to Marshall’s headphones.

Monitor II ANCs work with the Marshall Bluetooth app that lets you switch between different noise-cancelling settings and try out different EQ presets.

The noise cancellation offered here isn’t the best we’ve ever experienced, but it’s still pretty good. You will find that most background white noise such as the sound of wind or vacuum cleaner is removed, but you may hear loud conversations in your immediate surroundings.

Using the Marshall app, you can adjust the level of noise cancellation and the level of transparency (the amount of noise you are allowed to enter through the headphones) using sliders ranging from 0% to 100%.

Another way Marshall Monitor II ANCs can be customized is through the equalizer settings in the Marshall app. When you turn on the equalizer, you will see that it is preset to “original Marshall sound,” offering a balanced sound with relative equality at low, mid, and high frequencies.

You can also create a custom EQ setting by adjusting the slider’s range of frequencies ranging from 160 Hz to 6.25 kHz. If you don’t want to dive into the application, you can switch between three different presets by tapping the ‘M’ button on the headphones.

It is clear that Marshall took great care to achieve a balanced sound with Monitor II ANCs, and they are definitely the best-sounding Marshall earphones ever. In Fleet Foxes’ Meadowlarks, the gently plucked guitar features plenty of detail, while sumptuous smooth folk vocals explode in dissonant harmony.

The harmonized vocals are as impressive as Desire of Everything, where percussion drums, stepped guitar riffs and fuzzy syntheses surprise the melody; Despite the turmoil, Marshall’s handling of the track with ease.

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3.AKG Pro Audio K553

Akg 553 Pro

  • Quite comfortable to wear
  • Produces clean and accurate yet versatile sound
  • Solid build quality and premium feel
  • Great noise isolation qualities
  • Earpads may be too small for some
  • Long, non-detachable headphone cable

The AKG K553 Pro is a headphone for all music lovers.

The AKG K553 Pro is a headphone that appeals to all audiences with its audio options for casual users and audiophiles.

Besides these features, AKG K553 Pro headphones have a really nice design. With its black matte and metallic appearance, it has an appearance that draws the attention of the users.

And in case you’re wondering:

Yes, almost all of these headphones are made of metal, and in this case, it is a feature that increases its durability.

However, despite all the metal parts, the AKG K553 Pro headphones are relatively light. You can be sure that it will not disturb your ears, even with prolonged use.

The only problem is the lack of filling. Both leather earpads and headband fillings are relatively thin. The excellent clamping force of these headphones helps with headband filling, but not too much to the ear cushions.

If we talk about the sound quality; We can say that it is quite satisfactory in this regard.

There are features for beginners:

The low impedance of only 32 Ohms means you can plug them into your headphones as well as a high-end computer or amplifier, and the sound will be great. Also, the frequency range extends from 12 Hz to 28000 Hz. This may not be the widest range when it comes to professional headphones, but by striking a good balance between the two, it definitely outshines what everyday headphones have to offer.

Technically, these are closed-back headphones, but they also take advantage of open-back headphones, as they provide good sound isolation and a wide sound field. Every note is clear, and every instrument is different, giving the overall sound a fresh feel. And that’s where versatility really comes into play.

Finally, the AKG K553 Pro headphones are an excellent example of studio-grade headphones with universal appeal. Audiophiles will love them for the astounding reference sound for the price and gamers will love them for the spatial awareness they provide.

In addition, they’re also an excellent entry point into studio headphones if you’ve never used them. Just be mindful of the three-meter long cable.

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4.Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

  • Generally neutral sounding but with an added kick to the low end
  • Lively sounding bass
  • Good value for your money
  • Excellent build quality
  • Detachable cables
  • Only passive noise cancellation
  • Ear cups may be too small

Audio-Technica is a top-rated company in the audio world. One of its most popular products is the ATH-M50x headphones. This headphone, which has been on the market for a long time, is still popular among audiophiles.

So what makes this headset so good for just about everyone? Let’s find out.

When it comes to build and design, Audio-Technica hit the nail right on the head with these headphones. They’re stylish enough to stand out but not so flamboyant that they draw unwanted attention. Since their initial release, these headphones have become available in a few different color options including subtle dark blue with tan leather and stealthy all-black.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x is marketed as monitor headphones, but it’s more like a Swiss Army Knife of audio if you’re going just by the sound performance. Its frequency response is relatively neutral, but there is still a slight emphasis on notes in the lower frequencies that you won’t find on higher-end studio headphones.

These headphones sound great when it comes to classical music, especially in the upper frequencies where string instruments lie. These headphones reproduce mids and highs without losing any detail or sounding harsh.
We can honestly see why these headphones are rated so highly. The style, comfort, and great sound are what makes these headphones a great buy. Because they’ve been out for a few years now, their price has dropped even lower giving them better value.

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5.Sennheiser HD569

Sennheiser HD569

  • Not too bulky when worn
  • Has a built-in mic
  • Ear cups are comfortable
  • Doesn’t leak noise
  • Volume needs to be increased on your device significantly
  • Lacks the bass punch

In the Sennheiser HD 5 Series, we can say that the headphone surprises us the most. Although the series is the only closed-back headphone, it has a performance above our expectations.

We can say that it is very close to neutral in tone. There is a slight boost in bass frequencies. Bottoms, on the other hand, cannot go too deep. In mid frequencies, the lower mids are more prominent than the upper mids. This makes the headphone more successful with male vocals. Of course, the dominance of the lower mid also adds some darkness and warmth to the vocal.

The resolution is fine, although not very high. We can say that the treble is not too bright or too faint, but rather a balanced tone. If we look to see if a holistic sound perception is caught in the headphones, yes.

It can focus and listen to the song without frequency division. It is a positive feature that it can achieve this integrity despite its existing flaws.

Another flaw of the device is that it cannot give the depth perception very well. Although it is closed in width, it does not do a bad job.

Again, when we look at the site, we see a “home entertainment” product for this headphone. Again, we do not consider it in an audiophile classification. But we also observe a slight increase in quality.

The increase in quality is not only in the sound but also in the material. Although both 559 and 569 are almost completely plastic and derivative materials, the difference in quality between the two products is obvious.

The pressure of the containers, flexibility, distribution of weight better. Especially the pads are very nice. For the 569, a very soft memory sponge is used that is not available in other headphones in the series. Thick and soft sponge. For this reason, it cannot completely surround your ear. We can say that it was like partly on-ear and partly over-ear.

On the other hand, it pleased us about isolation, which is one of the main purposes of being a closed-back type.

To summarize, we can say that the 569 is the headphone that can be the best price/performance product, although it is not the best of the series.

You can think of it if you will buy a closed-back type, an entry-level headset that can be used in all areas, will not cause driving problems, do not require an amplifier, and not upset the sound quality.

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6.Beyerdynamic 770 Pro

Beyerdynamic 770 Pro

  • Impressive isolation and minimal sound leakage
  • Great sound quality with deep and powerful bass
  • Sits well over your ears
  • Good soundstage for closed back headphones
  • The headband may not fit those with larger head sizes
  • May require extra power/amplification for optimal sound
  • The cable is not detachable

We examined the closed-back headphones dt770 from the successful headphone brand Beyerdynamic. Available in 32, 80, and 250-ohm models. In this article, we discussed the 32-ohm model.

In short, we think it is a product that deserves its price.

Quality material combined with detailed and clear sound. Now let’s consider the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 32 OHM headphone in detail.

Let’s start our review by considering the quality of the material. The mugs are made of very high-quality plastic. It completely covers your ears. It is quite comfortable in design. It does not cause a problem in the head due to its shape.

On the subject of sound. Its treble is beautiful. Clear, detailed, and aggregated. He makes himself listen for hours without getting tired. In some recordings, it has clear highs that can even give the individual sound of the guitar strings.

It’s excellent on stage. It has an extensive and spacious stage. The scene is like an open earphone despite having a closed earphone. Midler is soft and does not cross its limits.

In our opinion, it is more successful in female vocals than male vocals. When the headphone finds enough power, it gives a nice bass. It is in place and sufficient, but it will be less for bass-loving users.

When we consider the quality of the material and the success of the sounds, Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is on our list.

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7.MrSpeakers Ether CX Closed-Back

MrSpeakers Ether CX Closed-Back

  • Build and Craftsmanship
  • Unique sound unlike other headphones on the market
  • Sound accuracy
  • Lows, Mids, Highs
  • Comfort

When it comes to premium boutique headphones, no other brand stands out as much as MrSpeakers.

As for the headphones…

The headphones come in a plain brown box; One of the cost-cutting measures that helped lower the price tag of customer experience to almost half of its closest sibling.

Inside are some guides, a single six-foot cable, some small felt pads used for adjustment, and a minimally built Ether CX.

The moment you hold the Ether CX in your hand, it just screams “special.” The minimalist headband, the cable’s thickness, the gorgeous drop-proof carbon fiber headphones… this is no doubt a luxury headphone.

It is simple in design, but this simplicity has been achieved with impressive precision.

How’s the Ether CX sound?

In a word: remarkable.

These headphones sound outstanding.

When listening to your favorite song with Ether CX, the sounds will sound great.

To satisfy the most important component of a solid review, here’s a quick insight into how this breaks down in each category:

The bass is as flat as we can hear it. The sub-bass presence is not amplified at all, but whatever above is definitely still there.

Midbass makes itself known, but without being overwhelming at all.

Mids: It may seem like a small bump in the upper-middle voices that can reveal loud male vocals or female vocals a little too much at high volumes, but mostly neutral.

Treble: maybe slightly indented, but still present enough to provide a fairly respectable level of detail.

Overall, we believe it is fairly close to neutral, with excellent tonality throughout.

When we stack all these features, The Ether CX closed-back planar headphone is an incredible experience, and, as of writing, our absolute favorite closed-back full-size headphone bar none.

With tweaked old T50RP drivers to this absolute monster of a headphone with a set of drivers that MrSpeakers can entirely call their own. It is also a big pat on the back to MrSpeakers to see how a headphone should sound.

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8.Audeze EL-8 Closed Back Headphones

Audeze EL-8 Closed Back

  • High-resolution sound
  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • High-resolution sound
  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Made in the U.S.

The Audeze EL-8 may be the first planar magnetic headphone sensitive enough to come alive with portable music players.

Audeze makes nothing but planar magnetic headphones. The technology differs from more conventional dynamic headphone driver designs because rather than use a voice coil to move the driver from the edge or middle of the diaphragm, Audeze’s patent-pending Fluxor driver’s voice coil is distributed over most of the driver’s surface, and Neodymium bar magnets are positioned to maximize flux density relative to the voice coil’s straight traces to keep distortion low.

Audeze is definitely upping the ante. With the EL-8, they’ve brought out their lightest, most comfortable, best looking, easiest to drive, most affordable, made-in-the-U.S. headphone, and maintained Audeze’s signature sound.

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It can often be difficult to make a decision when buying headphones. Depending on your priorities, your preferences may also vary.

In our review, we’ve reviewed the best closed-back headphones. You can also choose the most suitable headphone according to your priorities and easily choose any headphone in our list.

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