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Best internet browser 2020: speed, security and features

Best internet browser 2020

Choosing the most suitable and correct internet browser will greatly affect your internet experience. In this way, you can prevent advertisers from tracking your movements or avoid encountering annoying content on the internet. At the same time, you can match all your favourite sites and history with the phone or tablet, so you can continue your journey on the tablet, which you left halfway on the computer.

In late 2019, there was a significant change in the internet browsers arena. Microsoft Edge has completely revamped its internet browser and started using the Chromium infrastructure that powers Google Chrome. Thus, four of the top five web browsers have become Chromium-powered.

Apple’s Safari internet browser, which we did not list because it can only be used on Apple’s desktop and laptop computers, uses WebKit, while Firefox uses the Gecko infrastructure.

No matter how you surf the web, the best web browser according to your needs and activities, should be on the list below. Here is the list of the best internet browsers of 2020:

Best internet browser 2020

The best internet browser options of 2020 in terms of speed, security and such criteria are listed as follows:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Brave

1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is especially popular with experienced users with its tools. Moreover, with the latest updates, it has made significant gains in security and privacy. Firefox alerts you if your email address has been involved in a known data leak. It blocks the annoying notifications disallow windows. It prevents fingerprints that are useful for tracking internet browsing. Besides, the Mac version also offers a picture-in-picture video mode.

As before, Firefox is virtually unlimited in terms of both customizing the look and the add-ons and extensions used. Its performance has also improved after extensive changes made last year. Thus, it closed the gap in an area such as Chrome where it lagged behind its counterparts. It can run smoothly and robustly even on systems with modest hardware components.

There are some concerns about the future of Firefox. It has been spoken for a while that Mozilla had some financial difficulties. If you would like to help secure the future of Firefox, you can donate via


2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft was lagging behind competitors such as Firefox and Chrome in the battle of internet browsers. However, the company completely changed its approach and redesigned the Edge internet browser with the Chromium infrastructure. It also released a special version of Windows’ default web browser for Mac. It also has Microsoft Edge iOS and Android versions.

The new version based on Chromium runs significantly faster than its predecessor. It also has useful features such as Read Out Loud, broadcast webpage videos to Chromecast devices, and Opera-like landing page. On the other hand, its functions can be increased with extensions like password managers, ad blockers and the like. Moreover, the add-ons distributed through the Chrome Web Store also work in Microsoft Edge. Also, saving web pages as applications and then launching them as if they were a native application are among the features of the new internet browser. This feature comes in handy for services like Google Docs and Twitter.

There are many customization options in the renewed Edge internet browser. The normally confusing settings are presented in a clear and understandable way on the Privacy and Services page. The Site Permissions page also provides effective control over what specific sites can do. You can allow specific sites to open pop-up windows or set up automatic media playback.

Edge looks like Chrome; it works like Chrome. However, it syncs with your Microsoft account instead of your Google account. In this way, you can continue your internet surfing from where you left off in Edge’s mobile applications. On the other hand, there are those who say that Microsoft Edge is faster than Google Chrome in terms of speed, even if it uses the same infrastructure.

3. Google Chrome

In fact, Microsoft’s use of the Chromium engine underlying Google Chrome while re-developing the Edge web browser can be considered a source of praise for Google. However, in some areas, we see that Microsoft goes even further than Google. Edge seems to be in a better position, especially when it comes to the use of system resources. Chrome is famous for being generous with consuming system resources. With this behaviour, it can cause problems in low-power devices with low RAM.

In fact, the Tab Freeze feature in Chrome helps low-power devices in terms of performance. Tabs that remain in the background are automatically frozen, so resources are not used unnecessarily. Despite this, Chrome still remains a hardware resource-hungry internet browser.

Chrome is one of the best internet browsers in terms of features and ease of use. There is a large library of extensions, and thus the usefulness of the internet browser is advanced. Among the strengths of Chrome are its ability to work on different platforms and occasional synchronization, excellent autocomplete features and very good tools for web developers.

On the security side, Chrome has remarkable tools. If someone else has access to your e-mail account, they can alert you. Secure DNS query services are available for compatible providers. In addition, dangerous content with mixed scripts and images on secure connections is also blocked. It also offers WebXR support for AR and VR. In the meantime, let’s also mention that Chrome has a dark mode for eye comfort.

If we make a comparison between Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Firefox stands out with its privacy protection mechanisms, while Edge stands out with its speed. Google Chrome can be listed at the top of the three in terms of features and ease of use.


Opera shows its difference from other internet browsers on the start screen. You can run the built-in ad blocker from the splash screen and start using the built-in VPN tool immediately. You can also use the Crypto Wallet feature for crypto money. From the sidebar, you can run internal messaging tools like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and switch between light and dark modes.

Opera is also a Chromium-based web browser. Thus, it reaches a good level in terms of performance. You can also take advantage of the extensions offered in the Chrome Web Store. A tool called Flow allows you to record what you want to browse later. If you’re constantly sending emails or messages to yourself, so you don’t lose your interests, you can do it more smoothly thanks to Flow. You can share content from Opera on your phone to Opera on your desktop computer.

You can also follow the agenda closely with the Personal News section. You can choose the news sources offered by Opera, or you can create your own personal news site by adding various RSS sources.

There is also an Opera feature useful for mobile device users. Opera Turbo compresses internet data such as images, thus allowing web pages to load faster even on slow internet connections. It also has a handy battery saver mode. This way, even if your internet connection is slow, you will not have to worry about running out of battery during the download process.

By the way, there is also an Opera version called Opera GX for those who love to play games. Specially designed for gamers, this browser includes some features such as Razer Chroma support and Twitch integration.

5. Brave

Brave, one of the Chromium-based internet browsers, also draws attention with its cross-platform support. So it is available on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Moreover, it is possible to continue the internet surfing experience you left unfinished on one device on the other device.

Brave is also good at blocking ads and viewers. It has a built-in ad and tracking blocker. The good news is that ad-blocker warning messages are prevented from being displayed on every website. One of the good features is that privacy protection is integrated directly into the internet browser. An option that we can translate as “download shields” offers the opportunity to change the security settings for various sites specifically.

Brave’s theme options are not very broad. Dark and light modes are available, but you can download themes from the Chrome store because it supports Brave Chrome themes too. However, as it attaches more importance to speed than appearance, theme customization is a bit more secondary in Brave. Compared to Chrome, Brave makes progress not only in terms of privacy but also in terms of speed.

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