Best Laser Printers 2019

Best All in One Laser Printers 2019

The unchecked and slightly inevitable rise of digital media platforms has largely eliminated the need to own a printer. PDFs could be sent via smartphone, images transferred by email, and drafts of one’s next best-selling novel used in an eager publisher utilizing the click of a button—making the age-old procedure of physically printing something out largely irrelevant in a world that is increasingly paperless.

But there are lots of scenarios for which a genuine printer is required, especially it be a piece of writing or an in-depth and colorful illustration—on an actual piece of paper instead of a screen that can distort colors and allows typos to go unnoticed if you work in a creative field that demands viewing your creations—whether.

And in need of a printer, laser printing is hands-down the way to go if you do find yourself. Using an electrostatic process that is digital laser printers produce incredibly high-quality text and graphics quickly and efficiently, whether or not you’re printing in color or black and white. These machines rely on an in depth mixture of laser beams and electrically-charged ink that is powderedtoner) to be able to create stunningly realistic and detailed images, which explains why they’re used in the world’s most popular printing houses, news organizations, and creative studios.

While industrial-level laser printers can cost thousands of dollars and use up entire closets, there are numerous all-in-one laser printers which can be affordable and simple to operate—making them well suited for home offices of most sizes.

Best All in One Laser Printers 2019

Here are some of the best all-in-one laser printers money can buy.


Brother MFCL2700DW All In One Laser Printer

Brother MFCL2700DW All In One Laser Printer

Unless you run a little, personal printing business from your home office, there’s really no reason to blow more than $500 in order to get a really great laser printer that is all-in-one. This Brother model could be the embodiment of a great all-in-one laser printer that will accomplish a remarkable wide range of tasks at a more-than-reasonable price point.

This intrepid machine is ideal for both home offices and creative studios that need to crank out high-quality images on a regular basis with wireless networking capabilities and a duplex printing option.

Unlike laser printers that are most with a scanning option that treat black-and-white and color as the same task (which leads to less defined blacks much less nuanced colors), this unit features separate settings both for forms of scan—leading to increased clarity and definition across the board. (an even more than respectable optical scan resolution of 600 x 2400 DPI also contributes to quality that is better-than-average every scan.)

It features a input that is standard capacity of 250 sheets—more than adequate to handle even larger printing jobs without forcing an individual to restore the cartridge—and it really works seamlessly with both Windows and Mac systems, which means you won’t have to be concerned about reduced functionality if a coworker chooses to plug in.

The compact nature with this printer is also perfect for smaller offices by which space might be limited, and you can find a series of handy networking and connectivity options that may simplify and streamline your workflow—including wireless networking, automatic duplex printing, and enhanced mobile device connectivity providing you with an easy, low-cost output for any home or office that is small.

And with print speeds all the way to 27 pages-per-minute, you’ll be able to quickly print everything from business reports to invoices and spreadsheets with ease.

HP Laserjet Pro M281FDW All in One Color Laser Printer

HP Laserjet Pro M281FDW Review

Claiming the runner-up spot on our list is a printer that’s manufactured by probably the most prominent and respected brands in the market. As a respected manufacturer of reliable and advanced office machines, HP has more than earned its almost unparalleled reputation on the go.

This all-in-one laser printer doesn’t betray HP’s golden reputation, by providing a surprising level of power and functionality in a tight and package that is intuitive. It features fastest-in-class page that is first and two-sided printing, along side a slew of scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities.

There’s an automobile document feeder that never seems to jam at input volumes as high as 250 sheets (even if pages are deliberately slightly misplaced when you look at the tray), and you may print up to twenty-two pages each minute both in black and white and color—with the first black and white page coming call at roughly 10.3 seconds and also the first color page emerging in roughly 11.7 seconds.

You can easily send a number of print jobs directly from your smart phone by connecting your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into the same network as the printer, and you’ll even be able to scan images right on your smartphone before sending.

HP’s toner also boasts an unusually top quality, which makes it well suited for serious visual artists and workers who demand realistic colors that don’t blur or smudge from the page. And because this printer features Amazon Dash Replenishment, it tracks your usage and automatically reorders Original that is top-notch HP toner cartridges as you need them.

The reason that is only printer was bumped to your runner-up spot as opposed to the coveted number-one spot was due to the loftier price tag, which we felt wasn’t necessarily justified by the admittedly better quality quality and functionality.

Canon Color imageCLASS

You don’t should be a printing expert to learn that the name Canon is just one of the most respected and brands that are well-established the business. Canon printers can be located in the middle of a few of the most visually-demanding businesses and creative powerhouses, and also this relatively compact and printer that is simple do its larger and much more complex cousins proud.

With the ability to print at speeds all the way to nineteen pages per minute, this gadget gets the job done at a brisk pace, and features a wide range of impressive features that assist in anything from color detail and clarity to connectivity and file sharing.

A single-pass, duplex scanner quickly and reliably scans both sides of your document at the same time, and you may easily connect your mobile phones without a route or extension cable as a result of a WiFi connectivity option that’s incredibly easy to put up and keep maintaining.

There are many high-capacity toner options that permit you to follow through with plenty of large-scale printing jobs without having to replace the cartridges, along with the ability to customize the helpful home screen so that you can match your specific printing needs and workflow.

This printer is also well suited for small offices, as it are designed for simultaneous print jobs from up to ten people—meaning you and your fellow workers will have to endure fewer of the all-too-common error signs that stem from too many orders being sent at a time.

HP Laserjet Pro M130FW All-In-One Monochrome Wireless Printer

t should not surprise you that there’s another HP printer on our list, considering that the brand is nearly similar to the world of quality printing. This significantly cheaper printer can in many ways be thought of as a brother that is little the HP M281FDW unit at our runner-up position, and it’s more than effective at carrying out lots of the tasks that most low-level printers users depend on for personal or office at home use.

This revolutionary product is qualified to printing, scanning, copying, and faxing—all within a sleek and interface that is stylish fits in nicely with just about any decor.

It can deliver pages at up to twenty-three sheets per minute, and you’ll have the ability to print and scan items directly from your own smartphone or a cloud service such as for instance Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox. This printer also features a helpful Ethernet connection that can be used to print, access, and share resources with your family or coworkers, and you may quickly replace your toner cartridges using auto seal removal and packaging that is easy-open.

This printer is also great for the environmentally-conscious (or perhaps the budget-conscious), because you can help save energy and money with specialized HP auto on/off technology that is surprisingly intuitive for a printer in this price range.

Of course the one disadvantage to this printer (and also the good reason why it is significantly cheaper than the other HP unit at our spot that is runner-up) is that it can only print in black and white. But it isn’t really an presssing issue for folks who only have to quickly and conveniently print out papers and reports.

Xerox VersaLink C405/N Color Laser MultiFunction Printer

Xerox VersaLink C405/N Color Laser Review

We mentioned at the start of our list that there’s really no need to save money than $500 in order to land a quality laser printer, and then we stand by that. If, of course, you’ve got just a little supplemental income to spend while having printing or scanning needs that need a little more firepower, you should give this Xerox VersaLink machine a look.

With the ability to spit out an initial page in 9.5 seconds and boasting a 42 ppm output, this printer is great for small to mid-sized offices that want something in the middle a run-of-the-mill home printer and a multi-thousand-dollar corporate rig.

You’ll have the ability to print at as much as 1200 dpi on custom or paper that is standard, and a customizable 4.3-inch touch screen makes it incredibly easy to complete your more frequent printing jobs with just one touch—meaning you won’t need to navigate through a few cumbersome commands.

You’ll also be able to rest easy realizing that you’re money that is saving helping the environmental surroundings, as a result of automatic two-sided printing and up to 15,000-page capacity toner cartridges.

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