Best Pc Cleaner and Optimization Software 2018

If you have just bought your computer or have done a new windows installation, the speed of your
system will satisfy you in the first place. In this phase, your computer runs fast, and the workings of
the programs and games are very stable. After a few months, things started to slow down. The
computer is not booting up quickly and the programs you use often take longer to load. So you need a pc cleaning software, here are the best pc cleaner for your Windows Pc.

It’s worth noting that you can do much of what these PC optimization apps do yourself using Windows’ built-in system maintenance tools, but that’s time consuming. With the best pc cleaning applications you can easily do these easily.


Best Pc Cleaner ve Optimization Software 2018


1.Piriform CCleaner


Remove unnecessary files from the center, clean the registry, and manage programs.
Piriform CCleaner has been around for a long time, and one reason for the continued popularity of
your PC is that it cleans up parts of your PC that many other free system optimization tools can not.

There is a paid version of the optimization toolkit that adds real-time protection and cleanup
scheduling, but the free version of CCleaner will soon remove important files when removing
temporary files, getting rid of browser caches, cleaning unwanted cookies.

If your PC just feels sluggish then this is the app to try first. It doesn’t have all the advanced features
of apps like System Mechanic, but the stuff it does clear is famous for slowing down PCs.

2.IObit Advanced SystemCare


A hands-off approach to optimization that is ideal for novice users
IObit Advanced SystemCare is available in two formats: a free version that includes basic
housekeeping and a Pro version that improves internet speed, real-time optimization, privacy
protection, deep record cleaning and 24/7 technical support.

Choose which version you choose, IObit Advanced SystemCare’s interface is well designed, easy to
use, and unlikely to use even the latest PC user. We deduce the points of an installer who wants to
add additional programs – it does not quite match the philosophy of protecting your unwanted things
from your computer – but if you choose a custom installation it is very easy to avoid them.

Like most free PC optimization software here, it cleans files and folders you do not need, organizes
your Windows registry, and fixes errors on your hard drive – all through a simple, slippery clipboard.

3.Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018


A fast, comprehensive browser and well-designed set of maintenance tools
The most important feature of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018 is its flexibility to its users. With
WinOptimizer, you can scan junk files, corrupted registry entries and browser cookies with a single
click and you can delete all of them again.

Unlike some PC optimization tools, Ashampoo WinOptimizer gives the definition of each problem
that explains exactly what it is and why you should consider why it is removed. You can then make an
informed decision about whether to delete or keep it.

WinOptimizer also includes a ‘modules’ package for routine maintenance tasks such as consolidating
hard drives and optimizing startup processes. These are all tasks that can be performed within
Windows, but keeping everything in one place is more convenient than navigating through menus.


4.Iolo System Mechanic


Enjoy a faster, cleaner PC with the best free PC optimization tool around.

With System Mechanic, removes junk files and unwanted apps, blocks bloatware and unwanted
auto-run settings, clears out RAM and wipes various logs, browser histories and caches.

Not only does this free up key system resources, it also eliminates traces of your browsing activity to
protect your privacy.

Its PC optimization toolkit really does make a difference; whenever we’ve tested System Mechanic
we’ve found a significant speed improvement, especially at startup.
The free edition is excellent, but the two premium versions – System Mechanic and System Mechanic
Pro – are well worth considering.



CleanMyPC is one of the few Windows apps produced by MacPaw, it offers a decent set of cleaning
features such as free space, startup program and uninstall management wrapped up in an easy-to-
use interface. It also throws in browser extension management and privacy cleaning, as well as a
secure delete feature.

CleanMyPc, which has a simple interface design, does not overwhelm users with much detail and
quickly performs its function
The rest of the tools are just as easy to use, although it’s debatable whether or not the Registry
Maintenance section will really do any good.

In addition to offering on-demand cleaning, CleanMyPC also has some excellent background
monitoring options. It keeps track of space being used by your Recycle Bin and whether or not a new
program adds itself to your Windows startup sequence.

CleanMyPC is available as a free trial, Instead, they simply limit the amount of free space you can
clear to 500 MB while letting you test out the other features. It’s also regularly updated and
compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, ensuring that it will run smoothly on any PC.




AVG, one of the popular antivirus software, offers an impressive set of features in a simple,
well-designed interface around the various tasks you might want to accomplish with
PcTuneUp: Maintenance, acceleration, free space and correction issues.

PC TuneUp offers everything you can expect from a cleaning application: startup
management, disk management tools and program management. There are also compulsory
registry tools at the same time, but there is very little data showing that they are very helpful
to them and can actually do harm.

AVG is also bundled with secure deletion features, browser cleaning options and a number
of live optimization modes. This is a great feature designed for laptop computers that
basically lets you manage your background applications and connected devices instantly
with a single click.

One of the best features of AVG TuneUp is that you can download as many subscriptions as
you want, including all versions of Windows, XP, Windows, MacOS, and even Android
smartphones and tablets.

7.Norton Utilities


Norton Utilities provides an excellent range of features in an easy-to-use interface. 1-Click
Optimization makes it extremely simple to keep your PC clean, and they have bundled together an
impressive number of additional features, from duplicate file checkers to lost file recovery and secure

Norton Utilities, the most expensive of all cleaning programs, it’s only $49.99 and you’re limited to
installing on just 3 PCs a single license.

8.Comodo PC TuneUp


Comodo PC TuneUp, covers some of the more basic PC cleaning functions such as searching for junk
files and the obligatory/useless registry fixes, but it also includes a malware scanner, a Windows
event log scanner, and a rather vague ‘security scanner’. Comodo also includes a duplicate file
scanner, a registry defragmenter and a unique ‘force delete’ tool that allows you to defer deletion of
files that are in use until your next restart.

While it has good Windows compatibility, regular updates and a streamlined interface, the strange
mix of tools and lackluster search performance means that this tool isn’t quite ready for the spotlight
just yet. Still, if you want to try it, you can download the free trial and give it a chance.

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