Best Universal Windows 10 Apps List

With Windows 10, the transition to Microsoft’s periodic update and feature addition was a highly acclaimed step. Now, in a few years, we do not try to set up an operating system from scratch, but we just get seasonal updates and become new. Windows 10 has gone through many serious updates and increased the number of features. At the same time, applications that are called “Universal Windows 10 Apps” and that can be installed securely through the Microsoft Store have progressed and numbers have increased. There are thousands of universal applications, some of which are paid but many are free.

Universal Windows 10 app  have some other benefits over traditional PC programs, too. They can interact with Windows’ built-in notification and sharing features. UWP apps can display current info on live tiles in the Start menu handy for things like weather, sports, and messaging. They are also vetted for security and quality, and run in their own sandboxes so as not to affect the rest of the operating system.

UWP applications can be used not only with computers, but also with Xbox consoles and even with HoloLens 3D enhanced reality goggles. There are some non-universal applications that have already been added to the Microsoft Store environment, but developers are out of the question by updating them. The Microsoft Store also includes media content for games. Minecraft, Asphalt, Modern Combat, Quantum Break, Popular games like Forza and more can be found.

Best Universal Windows 10 Apps


1 Dropbox



Dropbox is probably less essential now that OneDrive is included with Windows and Windows Phone, but for users who’ve become accustomed to Dropbox, there’s a universal app. This excellent cloud storage and syncing app not only lets you download files from your Dropbox, but also lets you view documents and photos. You can favorite items by tapping a star, and the app can act as an auto-uploader for any photos shot on the device on which it’s installed.

2 Netflix



The world’s best-known streaming video service now has a Universal Windows app for phone, tablet, and PC. Watch House of Cards and the rest, no matter what screen you’re near. This will be an even bigger deal when it’s also aligned with the Xbox app. The app remembers what you last left off watching, shows your List of movies and TV shows, and accommodates multiple profiles. Search for titles or browse through many genres, including cult movies, documentaries, and sci-fi/fantasy. You can even enable or disable subtitles and audio.


3 TeamViewer: Remote Control

TeamViewer: Remote Control


TeamViewer combines remote access and shared meeting features in a single secure app, and it hides most of its complexity under an elegant interface. It’s loaded with features and free for noncommercial use. TeamViewer is PCMag’s top pick for remote access software for enterprise and corporate use and it’s available on the Windows Store for PCs and mobiles, as well as for every other major platform.


4 TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio


TuneIn offers many kinds of listening experiences—get access to thousands of sources of music, talk, sports, and more audio goodness from everywhere on the globe. While the excellent Pandora streaming music service is considered “radio”—we all know it’s not real radio: just try finding talk or sports shows on it. The TuneIn Premium account level removes ads and adds live streaming of MLB, NBA, and NFL games, along with a large selection of audio books. TuneIn lets you tune into real radio, and there’s nothing that comes close to it in the Windows Store.

5 Twitter



The Twitter Universal app supports everything you expect in a mobile app for the microblogging service, including multiple accounts, lists, video, pictures (with people tagging), and location. You can save drafts, edit your profiles, and choose between light and dark themes. The app will, of course, generate notifications, and you can set it up to display new tweets on the lock screen and Start menu tile. Account switching is nice, too, because who has just one Twitter account?

6 VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player


The open-source multi-format video player comes to the Windows Store! VLC instantly finds and can play just about any kind of video or music on you PC or Windows Mobile device. Its interface is simple and clear. Just don’t expect all of the features of the traditional Windows VLC program, such as video effects and file conversion. It does let you add media folder locations, choose caption formats, and use hardware decoding, however. For music playback, VLC also offers 17 equalizer presets, from classical to techno.


7 The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel


Windows’s included Weather app is perfectly serviceable, but if you want more bells and whistles, The Weather Channel has you covered. Easily access multiple locations, see animated weather maps, read weather news, and watch weather videos. The app can even notify you about severe weather, rain, or breaking news. The app takes advantage of Cortana voice control, so you can say to your computer “Show me forecast videos” or “Show me weather at work.”

8 Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger


If you want all your messages on all your devices, no matter their operating system or size, it’s hard to do better than Facebook Messenger; it boasts apps for iOS, Android, Web, and Windows. Universal Windows 10 app features easy navigation between your conversations, along with media options like photos, voice recording, and GIFs. As with many Universal apps, integrated notifications are a big plus when it comes to messaging. It still lacks a couple of features found in the Web client, including video and voice calling and pasting of images.

9 Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express


While the full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements includes a large number of editing options, most users do not need that much space and space. By installing the free Adobe Photoshop Express, you can support a multitude of operations such as cropping, rotating, red-eye reduction, noise reduction, and auto-correction in new content that you take with photos or camera in the gallery. Color settings and ready effects can also be selected.

10 Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do


Microsoft’s free list application. It allows you to easily plan your day. You can use it for business or school, and you can map between the devices. With this application that will take the place of wunderlist, tasks are increasing collectivity under different categories. At the same time, you can understand leblebiy when you write.


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