How to Move iOS to Android

How to Move iOS to Android Easily

Users who use iOS for a long time may want to switch to Android after a time. But in such a situation it cannot be as annoying as users losing their data. Before doing this, the data in the device can be backed up or transferred to a different location and no data is lost. For this reason, it is best to transfer your contacts and data first from IOS to Android.

How to Move Ios to Android Easily

1. Transfer contacts, calendar and images to Google Drive

You can use Move to iOS app for transfer your data from Android to iOS. But since Google doesn’t have this kind of application, it has integrated a similar feature into Google Drive. With this app, you can transfer your contacts, calendar and images to your Google account (images are transferred to the Google Images service). So when you set up your Android phone to use it with the same account, you can find all your files there (and they also stop being backed up on Google’s servers).

If you want to install Google Drive, this is the easiest method to follow. But to transfer pictures to Google Pictures, you need to have a fast and uninterrupted internet connection.

Install from here

Step 1: After installing Google Drive, connect to your Google account with your Android phone account.

Step 2: Click the grid menu in the top left corner to list the sidebar.

Step 3: After selecting ’Settings, select’ Backup.

Step 4: Here you can see more details by going to contacts, calendar and pictures, or you can disable the option you want. For example, uploading images will result in a significant amount of data and time consuming.

Step 5: After completing your selection, click, start backup


ios to android backup

Step 6: You will be asked for your permission to access your contacts, calendar and pictures.

Step 7: When you click OK, the upload process will start. Keep the Drive app open for faster loading. You will receive a confirmation message when the installation is complete.

Importing your contact list and calendar

You can import your contact list and calendar directly from the ‘Settings’ application on the iPhone. All you have to do is add a Google account and activate sync. The downside of this process is the lack of transparency in the transfer process. In other words, you have to check whether all your contacts and calendars are transferred.

Step 1: Go to Settings on iPhone. If you are using iOS 10.3 or later, click .3 Profile u above. If you are using an older version, scroll down to find the Organizer or Contact List.

Step 2: If you have not yet linked your Gmail account to iPhone, click Add Account and log in.

Step 3: Make sure the Contact List and Calendar matching option is enabled after you log in

Step 4: Switch to your Google account by going to Default Account in the Contact List in Settings.

Move is to Android

Your iPhone should automatically start importing your contacts to your Google account. You can disable the pairing function for people who don’t want to transfer in an extra reminder. Just like in your iCloud account.

Transfer your pictures

You need to use an app to send a picture from iPhone to Android. For this, you can download the Google Photos app to your iPhone and then discard all of your pictures to Google and then download them on your Android device. Or you can use third-party applications to quickly transfer your images between two devices. Of course, both devices will need to use the same internet connection. The number of such applications is quite high. Send Anywhere, SHAREit, Instashare, etc.

We will use Instashare program. This application, similar to AirDrop, is comfortable to use and is not limited to Apple devices only.

Download: Instashare 

Step 1: After downloading the app to both iPhone and Android devices, open the lar Photos, application on the iPhone.

Step 2: Select the pictures you want to transfer (or all) and then click the Share icon.

Step 3: We will use Instashare’s share plugin. Let’s activate the Instashare section by clicking More in the first row.

Step 4: Now we can click the Instashare button.

Step 5: Select the Android device from the drop-down menu.

You should prevent the iPhone screen from turning off when your pictures are transferred over a wireless connection. The screen should be open until the process is completed.


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