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How to Turn Off Game Mode on Windows 11

Game Mode is a feature that affects how your games run on your PC. When you enable Game Mode, Windows applies several tweaks to prioritize your game’s performance over other programs. Games often work best when they have the full attention of the PC so you can play without any stuttering or freezing.

This article will show you how to turn off Game Mode in Windows 11.

What Is Game Mode?

Game Mode is a feature that was introduced in Windows 10 and has been improved in Windows 11.

Game Mode optimizes your PC to give you the best experience while playing games. This optimization will affect how your PC behaves with all other applications but will give you the best performance for gaming.

Windows 11’s Game Mode is more intelligent than its predecessor, which optimizes your system based on what game you are playing instead of just giving you a blanket optimization.

How to Disable Game Mode in Windows 11

Turn Off Game Mode on Windows 11

Start by clicking on the Start button, then clicking Settings.

1) Open Settings > Gaming > Game Mode Settings

2) Toggle the switch for Game Mode to Off

3) Confirm that you want to turn off game mode by clicking Turn Off

Turn off Game Mode in Windows 11 for faster start-up times, better performance, and more consistent frame rates.

If you ever want to turn Game Mode on, go to Settings > Game Mode and switch `Game Mode` to `On.` Have fun!

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