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How to Use the App Library on iOS14

App Library on iOS14

With the iOS 14 update, the home screen of iPhones has changed slightly; it has become more customizable. With iOS 14, you can place widgets (resizable) on the home screen and hide the home screen pages. You don’t have to make an effort to access an even better application.


Application Library, one of the new features that come with iOS 14, automatically folders your (App Library) applications. In this blog post, we talk about what the Application Library is and how to use it effectively.


What is the iOS 14 App Library?

There’s a new area on your iPhone’s Home Screen called the Application Archive (Application Library / Library) that automatically organizes all your apps and games in a simple, easy-to-navigate view.

You can access the Application Library by swiping left on the main screen on the far right. You don’t need to enable or open any option to use the Application Library.

All the apps and games you have installed on your iPhone are classified. These categories and folders are created automatically by iOS and are generally named as Entertainment, Social, Productivity, Utilities, Lifestyle, Education. For example, the Netflix app is listed under Entertainment, Amazon app under the Lifestyle category.

There are two smart folders named Recently Added and Suggestions at the top. The Recently Added folder displays all the apps you have recently installed or used on your phone.

The Recommendations folder also provides a list of apps that Apple thinks you’ll open or use based on your past activity, location, and time. While the three applications you use the most for each category are shown in the folders to open directly, you can tap and view the others.

Unfortunately, you cannot create, edit, or delete categories in the App Library menu. There is no way to drag and drop apps, even within the category. The iOS system carries out application categorization.

How to Access iPhone iOS 14 Application Library?

  • Go to the last page of installed apps on the Home Screen.
  • Swipe up, and you will see a new section called Application Library.
  • The Application Library menu stays at the end of the installed applications on your iPhone’s home screen. It’s pretty easy to fill the home screen with an endless list of pages.
  • To access the application, you have to scroll a lot on the home page, and it won’t be easy to reach the Application Library menu.

Fortunately, iOS 14 now lets you hide or remove home screen pages on your iPhone. You can hide the home screens of applications you do not frequently use on your iPhone and access the Application Library much more easily, even with a single swipe.

Benefits of iPhone iOS 14 Application Library?


  • Open the apps in the folder with one tap.
  • Tap the small app icons to access all apps in the folder.
  • Find the app quickly using the search bar above.
  • In the Application Library menu, scroll down to see the vertical list of installed applications.
  • Quickly delete the app from your iPhone by long-tapping any app.
  • Find your most-used apps in one place.
  • Browse through the TestFlight folder for all the applications you have joined the beta.

How to Use iPhone Application Library?

You have no control over the app categorization in the App Library menu. Therefore, it cannot be easy to find related applications from the Application Library menu. Fortunately, Apple has placed the search bar at the top in the Application Library menu. Just start typing to open an application.

You can also search for the vertical list application by scrolling down in the Application Library menu. You can reach the application faster by touching the alphabetical letter.

How to Add Newly Installed Applications to the Application Library?

Even if you removed the home screen pages on the iPhone, new pages would be created automatically when you download a new application or game from the App Store in the future.

However, Apple offers the option to add new apps and games directly to the Application Library. To ensure that newly downloaded apps are only added to the app library instead of the home screen, follow these steps:

  • Follow the path Settings – Home Screen on iPhone.
  • Under Newly Downloaded Applications, select “Application Library Only.”
  • After that, all newly installed apps and games will go directly to the App Library menu. You won’t be able to see it on the home screen. You can also take the application from your home screen and send it to the application library by long-tapping any application on the Home Screen, clicking Delete Application, and then selecting Delete from the Home Screen.
  • Deleting an Application from the Application Library
  • You can delete applications from the Application Library. Just long tap the application you want to delete and press Delete.

Is it Possible to Close the iOS 14 Application Library?

You cannot disable the Application Library. Apple is looking forward to the version of iOS 14, whether users are using the Application Library.

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