How to Install Google Apps on Huawei Mate 30

How to Install Google Apps on Huawei Mate 30

Huawei, Mate 30 devices without Google services and applications will be compulsory. However, there is a solution to every problem in our era. If the Chinese are behind the problem, the solution is always easier. We install Google applications on Mate 30 Pro in 8 steps.

Huawei introduced Mate 30 Pro without mentioning the name of Google and Android. But devices come with Android 10. As a matter of fact, the most important thing that makes a phone smart is Google Services. If you have a Chinese friend, go and kiss her on the forehead, because there is a way to install Google apps on Google’s banned Mate 30s.

This method, not officially offered by Huawei, may not work efficiently in every country and every device. However, because it is very simple to implement, even those who have never been with the phone carefully done a solution that will reach a happy end.

Installing Google apps on Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro:

It is possible to install Google Play Services, Play Store, and then all Google apps on the Huawei Mate 30 before using APK or any tool app store. Again, it is very unlikely that you will have problems if you do all the steps carefully.


  • Open the default Internet browser on Mate 30,
  • Click here to install Google Chrome APK,
  • Then open the Chinese site here with Chrome, tap the blue button,
  • The descending file will be an installer APK called Google Services Assistant.
  • Open and upload the file,
  • When you look at the main menu, you will see the Google Play Store 🙂
  • Open the Google Play Store, log in with your Google account,
  • Restart the device if you cannot open your account,
  • You can now install the desired Google app on the Play Store.


Obviously we did not expect this process to be so simple. And even this method works better than the devices on which Google apps are installed because you install the Google app of your choice.

With this method, you can use all Google applications and services anywhere in the world. Except for China. Because Google and its applications have been banned for a long time. In a way, you’ve applied Chinese-style methods to the device that the Chinese company eats out of Google from China.

It is not known whether Huawei will soon offer such a solution by official means, but there is no obstacle to it.

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