Free Large File Transfer Web Apps to Share Files with High Upload Speed

We have recently compiled the most successful web based file sharing applications that provide services without downloading any add-ons. When it comes to sharing a file quickly, the application you use is as important as your internet speed. It can not be denied that our epoch is revolutionary and that the speed of any content or digital material has become a quality standard. In this article, we will examine free Large File Transfer Web Apps that will enable you to make fast data transfers online or with Wi-Fi help.

Large File Transfer Web Apps

1.Firefox Send

Firefox, an address you can trust when you need to share a private digital file, has a self-
deleting upload system within 24 hours. The file you upload is only available for download on
a 24-hour basis and can be easily used on both mobile devices and computers. Also, Firefox
Send does not convince you to use a Firefox browser as expected; you can share with any


FastestFish has a different approach when a standard upload system relies on a file to be
uploaded to the server and then the other user download the file from the server. FastestFish
disables uploading to the server for the file sent by calling the sender and recipient to be
online at the same time. To summarize: you upload the file you upload directly to your
friend’s computer or mobile device.


3.Nofile is a file exchange service that can upload files up to 10 GB. In an application that
does not have any limitations in terms of file type, for extra-sensitive files, you can even
encrypt before uploading so that no bot can check the file before your recipient downloads it.
At the same time, if you do not want to save the downloaded file on your computer, you can
transfer the encrypted file to Dropbox directly by dropbox redirect.


In this kind of Torrent creator, you just upload the files to and then send the torrent
file or the Magnet URL to the person you want. But you need to be online at the same time
as you and the person who will download the file. In addition to supporting Chrome browser
only, legitimate Torrent usage is allowed.



If you work in a small office environment, entire network is at your service. However, if you
and your teammates want to transfer files quickly and privately, it will be a good alternative
share your files with FileRoom to your friends.
This application basically allows you to send files to someone else who is connected to the
same Wi-Fi network.
In the FileRoom application, each user is given the name of an animal, which can be
confusing if you are a large team. If your team is small, the application is perfect for fast file
sharing with your friends.


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