Top Apps for MacOs:Essential Apps for Your MacBook

If you bought a new Mac computer or reset your computer for a fresh start. With our top apps for Macos listed below, you can make your new or refurbished computer more efficient.

Mac App Store platform is, MacOS desktop operating system based application store for,
MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro and Mac Pro. In this store you can find functional
applications in different categories for your Mac. Now we list the top 10 apps you can
install your new Mac from these apps.

Top Apps for MacOs




If you need a more detailed and useful note-taking application from Apple’s Notes application, we
recommend Bear application. With the help of the iPhone and iPad apps, you can keep a record of all
your work synchronously. Bear have powerful connection tool, you can connect notes together and
sync them together. Unfortunately, the ability to sync notes to a PC or Android phone is not





Emoji are very useful, but it is impossible to say the same about finding the appropriate symbol. With
the Rocket application, you can make it easier to use your feelings in your correspondence. Although
it seems to be designed for English, it is possible to customize which emoji will be displayed in which
term you write. So when you need a fish icon, you can type “fish:” to get the character you want on
the screen.




Apple’s Messaging app performs messaging via iMessage on Mac computers. Well, what about other
messaging services? Franz is growing up at this point; Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram,
Google Hangouts and many more.





Leave the Spotlight search engine built by Apple on the Mac and download Alfred. Alfred
makes it easier to search both on the internet and find files on your computer.




You will know that music will stop automatically when you remove your headphones from iPhone. A
simple application called Muzzy is placed on the menu bar and allows the same behavior to be
displayed on your Mac. If you do not want to be embarrassed by the loud music that comes out
when you are out of the headphone bay while listening to music in the office or in the library, you
should download this simple application.



Deleting your Mac applications is as easy as dragging and dropping them to the trash.
Sometimes, however, additional system files can be distributed to various parts of the hard
disk drive. If you really want to delete something from your computer, then try TrashMe. This
app finds and removes any items related to an app you want to delete from your Mac






Everyone knows Photoshop when it comes to photo editing. Pixelmator, however, offers features
that meet the needs of most people at a much lower cost than Adobe’s photo editor. Pixelmator is
worth a try if you need to get a bit of finishing touches on your photos.





If the day comes, if your Mac computer starts to run out of space, and there is no space left
for other files, load it now to use Daisy Disk at that time. This application detects what is
involved in the disk space and gives you the opportunity to clean it easily.


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