YouTube Premium Detailed Review: Is it Deserve Money ?

Google has been working on a paid version of YouTube for a long time. Inspired by the rise of platforms like Netflix, the company first started in 2014 and continued with YouTube Red. In May 2018, YouTube Red was replaced by YouTube Premium.


YouTube Premium Detailed Review


While most people know YouTube Premium as “YouTube without ads”, there’s actually much more to offer. One of the biggest pluses is the support for Spotify’s rival YouTube Music, which comes in particular in the package.

We’re familiar with the standard YouTube design we’ve always used. Apart from features such as minor updates and dark mode, we have not seen a significant change in recent years. At least in the eyes of viewers, YouTube’s design standards are well established. The same goes for YouTube Premium.

Paid service does not differ significantly from the standard service in terms of design. Nevertheless, we can give basic changes:
• YouTube Premium ”appears next to the YouTube logo,
• In the left menu, there is the in Originals ”button where you can access the original contents,
• In the left menu, there is the YouTube YouTube Originals option özel where you can customize your YouTube Premium settings.

There are still no significant changes to the video playback screen. However, here are some of the key features of YouTube Premium that target mobile viewers. For example, you can’t download videos with your YouTube Premium account that you entered from your browser. You have to use the YouTube mobile app for this. The features on the video playback screen are as follows:
• Ad-free experience in the browser,
• It is possible to see the suggested content in the foreground since the ads disappear on mobile.
• The paid and free version offers the option to download videos. However, if you click on the free version, it directs you to become a YouTube Premium subscriber. When you sign up you can download videos up to a maximum resolution of 720p.

YouTube Originals

The idea of YouTube Originals includes the special content that popular publishers in general attract. So just as Netflix creates content in their own studio, according to their own rules, YouTube does it. Indeed, there is a serious problem here. Because the content on YouTube cannot prevent the identity of the producer. Just like the bad movies or series that put the Hollywood star in the lead just to watch it a lot.

Most users already block YouTube ads with services like AdBlock, so the most distinctive feature is Music and Orginals.

PewDiePie, Logan Paul YouTube with the producers of content to realize that nowhere to produce original content, YouTube is now following a different strategy. Almost every original YouTube content opens up a channel, especially in series content.

YouTube Music

The most important feature of paid service apart from YouTube without advertising, YouTube Originals is access to YouTube Music. Essentially directly rivaling popular applications such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, this service is unlimited in terms of music archive. Unlimited is no joke. Because you have access to YouTube in music, such as clips uploaded as “music re, unofficial covers, remixes. Moreover, you can listen to these contents only as audio files within playlists.

You can listen to songs with clips while watching clips from the YouTube Music player. He has trouble with the internet, no problem. By clicking on the small button on the top right, you will continue playing as audio instead of clips. When it comes to data saving, it’s worth mentioning that YouTube Music consumes almost 50% less data than Spotify.

Some artists, like Spotify, publish their albums or singles on YouTube Music. This gives you access to an extensive music library, and tons of content that you can’t reach from competitors.

The most important and functional feature of YouTube Premium is definitely YouTube Music. We think that most users will only be members for this reason. We even recommend that you start the 3-month trial period and experience it. While you’re experiencing this, you’ll be able to use YouTube without ads for at least a certain period of time.

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